GlobalSprachTeam: certified quality!

GlobalSprachTeam: certified quality!

It’s official: GlobalSprachTeam has secured two certifications and is now officially at the forefront of modern translation service provision. In accordance with the industry standards DIN ISO 17100 and 18587, our processes and quality assurance protocols were carefully examined and, in the end, rewarded with two certifications. Keep reading to find out what this all … Read more

War in Ukraine and how it affects us

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One month ago, we awoke in a different world; for a month, a war has raged right here in Europe. Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced: women, children, and elderly people who have been forced to leave their homes for an uncertain length of time. However, in these dark times, the tremendous wave of solidarity … Read more

How translators experience the world

When you do something every day, that something tends to have an effect on you. That means that our jobs change us all. Our professions influence the way in which we interact with the world. Keep reading to find out how translators go through life as a consequence of their work.   You notice (bad) … Read more

GST Book Tip: Interpreter of Maladies

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that they often work alone with texts or act as mediators between third parties, translators and interpreters don’t feature as frequently in novels or movies as say, detectives, criminals, or politicians. But there are some notable exceptions, one being Jhumpa Lahiri’s Pulitzer Prize-winning short story collection Interpreter of Maladies. Read on to … Read more

Patented Partnerships

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We’ve visited the wonderful world of patents before: Both these inventions relating to child-rearing and the history of shopping bags have been covered on our blog. But we just can’t seem to get enough! This time, we’re looking at patents about relationships. Keep reading to see where inventiveness meets partnership!   If you think romance … Read more

In Terms of Terminology

Terminology: Frequently, a balancing act is required between form and function.

Consistency and clarity are cornerstones of good translation. For this reason, many companies and organisations provide their own terminology. But what happens when a translator objects to a particular term? Where does the balance lie between linguistic integrity and providing a service? Keep reading to find out when glossaries should be strictly followed – and … Read more

Why a translation agency adds value for everyone

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Translation agencies are the guardians of the communication lines between clients and translators. They ensure ideal coordination of everyone‘s wishes and needs. Keep reading to find out about the advantages of working with a translation agency for clients and translators!   Translation agencies are coordinators between translators and clients. For that very reason, they are … Read more

When a translator doesn’t like a text

Every now and then, a translator will be confronted with a text that they don’t like. What are potential reasons behind the antipathy? What can a translator do in that situation? Will it impact the quality of the translation? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions!   „I don’t like this text, … Read more

The wonderful world of patents: the evolution of shopping bags

When you go shopping, do you bring your own bag? Not too long ago, it was commonplace for disposable plastic bags to be free with every purchase. Today though, those kinds of single-use plastic bags are no longer as widely used; they have been replaced by reusable shopping bags. A journey into the world of … Read more

GlobalSprachTeam: Our fundamental values as the basis of our work

a core value acts as a guiding light

GlobalSprachTeam is a company with strong values which lay the foundation for our work. We live according to certain principals and incorporate them in our translations. Keep reading to find out about the connection between what we value and our translations!   Having values means living accordingly. In the case of a company like GlobalSprachTeam, … Read more