Conference interpreting in the fields of academic research,
science, technology and engineering and medicine

The interpreters employed by GlobalSprachTeam offer proven expertise across all aspects of interpreting techniques, including the undisputed supreme discipline of simultaneous or conference interpreting.

The following elements will be needed in order to ensure successful language support at your event.

  • A seasoned, experienced team of interpreters (made up of at least two interpreters per language direction)
  • Interpreting technology (interpreting equipment or portable system, microphones, receivers, headphones) and a PA system to transmit to the hall

We will require the following.

  • The programme
  • Preparatory material (i.e. papers to be given, presentations, welcome addresses, press releases, specialist background information)
  • Information on the available technology (either supplied by you or present at the venue)

The better the interpretors can prepare, the more successful your event will be.

We will put together a simultaneous interpreting team and organise the necessary technology. Simply give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.

Conference interpreters’ fees are paid on a fixed half-day or daily basis. We are able to provide interpreting services in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian and Czech.

Court interpreting, whispered interpreting, consecutive interpreting, negotiation interpreting,  certified interpreters, sworn interpreters and relay technology are all available on request.