GlobalSprachTeam: Our fundamental values as the basis of our work

GlobalSprachTeam: Our fundamental values as the basis of our work

GlobalSprachTeam is a company with strong values which lay the foundation for our work. We live according to certain principals and incorporate them in our translations. Keep reading to find out about the connection between what we value and our translations!


Having values means living accordingly. In the case of a company like GlobalSprachTeam, that means that the basis of that company’s existence should be secured by activities in line with their values: A company should walk the walk. GlobalSprachTeam’s most important values are reflected in the projects we take on, thus allowing us to stay true to ourselves with every translation.


We value education and knowledge transfer

At GlobalSprachTeam, we believe in universal education. All members of our society should have access to knowledge in order to live as emancipated and confident people. Accordingly, institutions should be supported which offer education in all its forms.

We do that by regularly taking on projects for providers of vocational training and further education. With our translations, we do our part to communicate educational opportunities for everybody. Among others, those opportunities include education for refugees, disadvantaged young people, and people with functional illiteracy.


We value sustainability

Another cornerstone of our company is sustainability. We believe in pursuing a world in which the environment is respected and protected and people can count on long-term perspectives. To this end, we work together with groups studying and promoting future-oriented concepts.

GlobalSprachTeam completes translations for a variety of associations and organizations contributing to a more sustainable world. That includes environmental associations and conservation foundations who publish texts about their work as well as research institutions studying the effects of climate change on nature and on humankind. Our translations make this important work accessible to more people.


We value social Justice

GlobalSprachTeam works toward achieving more social justice. Be it globally or locally, all people have the right to live a dignified and just life. On the one hand, that means that problems such as poverty, racism, and sexism must be met with inclusivity and open-mindedness. On the other hand, it is important to create partnerships with organizations pursuing a more just world.

Our agency works with many NGOs and foundations whose work provides more justice in this world. The translations which are completed help to spread information about important campaigns and guidelines. This allows goals such as more women in leadership positions and increased diversity in companies to be achieved and projects such as donation drives for disasters or famine to be realized.


We value progress

We are also big proponents of progress. After all, we need innovation in order to promote education, sustainability, and justice. New problems in this world -as well as old ones – can only be solved by new ideas. We are therefore committed to aligning ourselves with people supporting or personifying a spirit of progress and inventiveness.

Progress happens everywhere, meaning that our translations on this topic are applied in a variety of areas. Technical translations, which detail new technologies or patents, are one such case. Additionally, we complete translations for clients in the advertising and culture sector. These texts showcase intellectual approaches which have the ability to change the way we see the world.


GlobalSprachTeam always strives to further strengthen the company values with every translation project. We are lucky enough to have longstanding client relationships with people who share our vision of a better world!

(O.M., 2021)

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