Translator Specialisation

Translator Specialisation

specialisation: translators must often choose a path

Translating, like most professional fields, is full of niche areas. How and why do translators choose to specialise? What are the benefits and risks for translators and clients alike? And what areas of specialisation is GST particularly interested in? Keep reading to find out.   Choosing to specialise Most translators have to specialise in some … Read more

Proofreading, editing, revision: Do you know the difference?

pink and white alphabet magnets

There are many different forms of text revision. At GlobalSprachTeam, we offer proofreading, editing, and of course revision. Keep reading to find out about the differences between these types of revision!   Finishing touches Imagine you’ve written a text that you’re very happy with. You’ve read it several times already and are confident that all … Read more

The long road to a high quality translation

the translation process can be pretty long

Quality management is one of GlobalSprachTeam’s many important responsibilities. The path to a high-quality translation is longer than you might initially assume. One key element is the amount of communication required between client and translator in order to end up with a pleasing result. Put simply: Quality management is built on communication. Keep reading to … Read more

5 features of a professional translation

A magnifying glass is held over a set of gears

The main features of a professional translation are pretty obvious: Essentially, it’s important that the meaning and the tone of the source text are translated into the target language. Aside from that, there shouldn’t be any grammatical errors. But there are other, smaller aspects which are just as important. In professional translations, small details get … Read more

A translator’s workout regimen

A man with a briefcase sprints inside a white room

You thought translating wasn’t an athletic pursuit? Well, quite the opposite is true! Translation professionals are surprisingly active and always give their all. Particularly right now, as most of us are at home, it can be difficult to get enough exercise. So we thought that a little inspiration might be just what the doctor ordered: … Read more

GST and the three dimensions of sustainability

sustainability is more than ecology

Sustainability is often only considered from an environmental perspective. However, ecological sustainability is just one of three aspects of sustainability. The other two elements are economic and social sustainability. Keep reading to find out how we consider and incorporate all three dimensions into our work.   What’s the first things that comes to mind when … Read more

Patent translators at the source: inventions for child rearing

this kind of patent makes us cover our eyes

What do patent translators know about raising children? The answer is: probably more than you think, considering the fact that there seems to be an unlimited supply of patent applications in this area. However, a lot of these inventions are a little off-center. Keep reading to find out about some of the most fascinating patent … Read more

Chocolate eggs for your brain

multi-coloured easter eggs on green grass

Welcome to the GST easter egg hunt! There’s no chocolate, but what’s hidden is just as great: Behind every corner, a translation treasure awaits. Chocolate eggs for your brain!   Are you ready to go on a little adventure? Let’s go! You are standing in a small room that looks a lot like an office. … Read more

Machine translation: nothing to be afraid of

machine translation needs humans

The modern possibilities offered by machine translation raise many a fear about people being replaced by machines. In reality, humans’ place in the translation process cannot be taken by technology. Keep reading to find our why there’s no need to be afraid of this technological advancement.   Artificial intelligence and neural networks Artificial intelligence, AI, … Read more

Interpreters in times of COVID

The COVID crisis has taken a particularly rough toll on people who make a living from large-scale events. That includes musicians, stage actors, and everyone in the convention and conference industry. Aside from manufacturers, event planner, and speakers, the last group also consists of interpreters. Keep reading to find out more about the situation of … Read more