GST and the three dimensions of sustainability

GST and the three dimensions of sustainability

Sustainability is often only considered from an environmental perspective. However, ecological sustainability is just one of three aspects of sustainability. The other two elements are economic and social sustainability. Keep reading to find out how we consider and incorporate all three dimensions into our work.


What’s the first things that comes to mind when you hear the word “sustainability”? You probably think of environmental protection, conserving resourced, and climate change. But do you also think of fair supply chains and social structures that promote equality? The concept of sustainability is threefold: environment, economy, and social aspects. In our work at GlobalSprachTeam, we take all three dimensions into account.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability refers to structures and actions which demonstrate conscious and responsible attitudes toward the environment and natural resources. In a nutshell, it’s about being “green“.

At GlobalSprachTeam, we do our best to do our work in the most ecologically conscious way possible. We try to make our commute as climate-friendly as we can, for example by cycling or taking public transport to work. We design our workflows to be green, which is why our office is almost paper-free. And in our daily office routines, we incorporate environmentally conscious elements such as eating mostly vegan and seasonal foods.


Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is all about long term viable market structures. An economically sustainable model is cyclical and self-supporting, rather than being self-destructive and blinded by profit.

At GST, we are proud of our business model: Over the past three decades, it has proven its worth as a future-oriented, viable concept. We complete translations at competitive rates while simultaneously ensuring that our employees and freelance collaborators work under fair conditions – something which unfortunately cannot be taken for granted in our industry. We aim to consistently create a situation which has just and equitable treatment of all parties as well as long-term collaboration at its core.


Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is the third element. Fundamentally, it’s about the creation of structures which promote prosperity and equal opportunity across society as a whole.

At GlobalSprachTeam, we contribute to social sustainability by supporting the global availability of information. We complete translations for many clients who from fields such as integration and vocational education and training. Foundational knowledge that is accessible to as many people as possible is a vital milestone on the road to a more socially sustainable world.

But we are committed to sustainable action within our own company, too! Work schedules and vacation policies are designed to accommodate the needs of our team members so that we all remain motivates. After all: Happy employees guarantee sustainable success and are able to live up to their full potential!


Sustainability is more than you might initially realize. For us at GlobalSprachTeam, it is a priority to create a company culture in which all aspects come into play. After all, we want to be an agency with which clients and translators can be proud to work.

(O.M., 2021)


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