A translator’s workout regimen

A translator’s workout regimen

You thought translating wasn’t an athletic pursuit? Well, quite the opposite is true! Translation professionals are surprisingly active and always give their all. Particularly right now, as most of us are at home, it can be difficult to get enough exercise. So we thought that a little inspiration might be just what the doctor ordered: Keep reading to learn about a translator’s daily workout routine!


1) Warm up

Before the real work starts, the translator must first finish a warmup. Whilst sipping an energizing coffee, they will read the source text to get into the right mindset. Depending on the topic at hand, they might want to loosen up their brain with a little in-depth material.


2) Juggling

Now, the warmed-up translator can work on their agility. Lithe and skilled as a circus performer, they juggle the meaning of the source text with their stylistic ideals. Practice makes perfect and if there’s talent in play, too, you can’t go wrong!


3) Lifting

At this point, the translator has calibrated their coordination and may now begin with strength work. The ambitious translator makes easy game of difficult terms, cracking open thick dictionaries and pulling from secondary literature. With each checked reference and researched term, the translator grows stronger.


4) Jumping

To get their heart rate up, the translator makes sure to regularly jump for joy. Every time they find the perfect solution for a tricky word or a complicated sentence, they jump up from their office chair and stretch their arms up to the sky in a gesture of pure happiness. On special occasions, letting out a „woohoo“ or even a “hurray” is encouraged.


5) Sprinting

As the day comes to a close, the translator completes a sprint. Their speed – combined with conscientiousness and skill as per usual – allows for a timely completion of their translating work. When the translator crosses the finish line, they know that they have once again risen to the occasion.


6) Rest

Ah yes, time for some well-earned rest! The translator reflects on their day and stretches their translating muscles. They do everything they can to make sure that they are as recovered as possible when the new day breaks. After all: When one translation is done, another one begins!

(O.M., 2021)


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