General Translation Traps

General Translation Traps

A translation must never omit parts of the message…   Translating is not easy. When taking a text from one language to another, there is a whole lot that can go wrong. Keep reading to find out about four of the biggest traps you can fall into when translating.   Clinging to the source text … Read more

Types of Translations

Not all translations are the same. Depending on the subject, function and target group of a text, a multitude of fundamental differences exists. Keep reading to discover some of the many kinds of translations we do at GlobalSprachTeam.   At GlobalSprachTeam, we translate texts covering a wide variety of topics.   1) Patents Patent translations … Read more

Work and Coronavirus: Why modern work concepts are worth it

The rapidly spreading coronavirus is affecting all aspects of life – work included. This is a new reality with which all of us must now accept. However, companies that have moved their workflows into the modern era are definitely a step ahead. Keep reading to find out what that means and why GlobalSprachTeam can basically … Read more

Project Management Matters

What does project management in the translation industry involve, and why is it important? People sometimes ask what the benefits are of working with a translation agency compared to working directly with freelancers. One major benefit and difference relates to project management. But what exactly does project management in the translation industry involve, and why … Read more


For years English has been the dominant language when it comes to scientific and academic papers. In this blog entry we look at the importance of having research translated into English—but also why it isn’t the only language that matters. Nowadays, if scientists and academics want their research to be read, it is often of … Read more

GST – 30 Years and Counting

The story of the company began in the late 1980s, when Tatjana Sassenberg moved to Berlin. She started doing translation and interpreting jobs on a freelance basis before founding the company that would later become GlobalSprachTeam in 1990. The Berlin Wall had just come down, the city was about to embark on a period of … Read more