Patented Partnerships

Patented Partnerships

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We’ve visited the wonderful world of patents before: Both these inventions relating to child-rearing and the history of shopping bags have been covered on our blog. But we just can’t seem to get enough! This time, we’re looking at patents about relationships. Keep reading to see where inventiveness meets partnership!   If you think romance … Read more

In Terms of Terminology

Terminology: Frequently, a balancing act is required between form and function.

Consistency and clarity are cornerstones of good translation. For this reason, many companies and organisations provide their own terminology. But what happens when a translator objects to a particular term? Where does the balance lie between linguistic integrity and providing a service? Keep reading to find out when glossaries should be strictly followed – and … Read more

Why a translation agency adds value for everyone

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Translation agencies are the guardians of the communication lines between clients and translators. They ensure ideal coordination of everyone‘s wishes and needs. Keep reading to find out about the advantages of working with a translation agency for clients and translators!   Translation agencies are coordinators between translators and clients. For that very reason, they are … Read more

When a translator doesn’t like a text

Every now and then, a translator will be confronted with a text that they don’t like. What are potential reasons behind the antipathy? What can a translator do in that situation? Will it impact the quality of the translation? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions!   „I don’t like this text, … Read more

The wonderful world of patents: the evolution of shopping bags

When you go shopping, do you bring your own bag? Not too long ago, it was commonplace for disposable plastic bags to be free with every purchase. Today though, those kinds of single-use plastic bags are no longer as widely used; they have been replaced by reusable shopping bags. A journey into the world of … Read more

GlobalSprachTeam: Our fundamental values as the basis of our work

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GlobalSprachTeam is a company with strong values which lay the foundation for our work. We live according to certain principals and incorporate them in our translations. Keep reading to find out about the connection between what we value and our translations!   Having values means living accordingly. In the case of a company like GlobalSprachTeam, … Read more

Translator Specialisation

specialisation: translators must often choose a path

Translating, like most professional fields, is full of niche areas. How and why do translators choose to specialise? What are the benefits and risks for translators and clients alike? And what areas of specialisation is GST particularly interested in? Keep reading to find out.   Choosing to specialise Most translators have to specialise in some … Read more

Proofreading, editing, revision: Do you know the difference?

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There are many different forms of text revision. At GlobalSprachTeam, we offer proofreading, editing, and of course revision. Keep reading to find out about the differences between these types of revision!   Finishing touches Imagine you’ve written a text that you’re very happy with. You’ve read it several times already and are confident that all … Read more

The long road to a high quality translation

the translation process can be pretty long

Quality management is one of GlobalSprachTeam’s many important responsibilities. The path to a high-quality translation is longer than you might initially assume. One key element is the amount of communication required between client and translator in order to end up with a pleasing result. Put simply: Quality management is built on communication. Keep reading to … Read more

5 features of a professional translation

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The main features of a professional translation are pretty obvious: Essentially, it’s important that the meaning and the tone of the source text are translated into the target language. Aside from that, there shouldn’t be any grammatical errors. But there are other, smaller aspects which are just as important. In professional translations, small details get … Read more