GST Christmas –2020 Edition

GST Christmas –2020 Edition

2020 is almost over – most people are bound to be happy about that. It was a nerve-racking year in which the COVID-19 pandemic cast its shadow over everything. If we learned anything this year, it was how to modify and adapt. Apart instead of together, digital instead of in person. Now, during the holiday season, things are no different. Keep reading to find out how we at GlobalSprachTeam adapted our Christmas traditions to 2020.


  • Office decorations

Deck the office with boughs of holly, fa la la la la….Normally, our office is all decked out this time of year, covered with ornaments, wreaths and candles. Winters in Berlin are long and dark, so we all enjoy being able to do our work in a jolly holiday atmosphere.


2020 variation: enjoy everyone’s decoration remotely

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree – how great you look on Google Meet. Right now, nobody is at our office due to the high infection rate, so there is no decoration at our headquarters this year. However, we’ve all created some Christmas cheer in our homes with trees, lights, and holiday earrings. During our regular video conferences, we all have the opportunity to admire everyone else’s decoration. This way, our workdays can still be festive.


  • Company Christmas party

…come on it’s lovely weather for a dinner together with you! In non-pandemic times, our company Christmas party is held in a nice restaurant with the whole team. Together, we look back on the past year and enjoy the evening with good company and food.


2020 variation: digital Christmas party

Jingle bells, jingle bells – oh wait, that was the doorbell! Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t go to a restaurant together this year. However, we didn’t want to skip the celebration, so we went digital. We all ordered food and spent time together apart.


  • Eating gingerbread and sugar cookies at the office

Tis the season – to eat cookies at the office. Christmas time is synonymous with cookies. Gingerbread, sugar cookies, shortbread – it wouldn’t be the same without them. Traditionally, our office doesn’t suffer from a shortage of seasonal baked goods. After all, the way to our hearts is through our stomachs!


2020 variation: eating gingerbread and sugar cookies at home

All I want for Christmas is you – as long as you’re a cookie. COVID-19 or not, we refuse to give up our holiday baked goods! That is just as true (or especially true?) this year – the only difference being that we’re at home and not at the office with our colleagues. That does have one advantage though: There’s no need to share!


Christmas 2020: At GlobalSprachTeam, we‘ve figured out how to keep the holiday spirit alive in spite of the pandemic. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope to soon be able to say: On the first day of Christmas, the EU gave to me, an approved COVID-19 vaccine!


How do you celebrate the holidays at work? How have you adapted in 2020? Let us know on Twitter