In Terms of Terminology

In Terms of Terminology

Terminology: Frequently, a balancing act is required between form and function.

Consistency and clarity are cornerstones of good translation. For this reason, many companies and organisations provide their own terminology. But what happens when a translator objects to a particular term? Where does the balance lie between linguistic integrity and providing a service? Keep reading to find out when glossaries should be strictly followed – and … Read more

When a translator doesn’t like a text

Every now and then, a translator will be confronted with a text that they don’t like. What are potential reasons behind the antipathy? What can a translator do in that situation? Will it impact the quality of the translation? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions!   „I don’t like this text, … Read more

Translator Specialisation

specialisation: translators must often choose a path

Translating, like most professional fields, is full of niche areas. How and why do translators choose to specialise? What are the benefits and risks for translators and clients alike? And what areas of specialisation is GST particularly interested in? Keep reading to find out.   Choosing to specialise Most translators have to specialise in some … Read more

The long road to a high quality translation

the translation process can be pretty long

Quality management is one of GlobalSprachTeam’s many important responsibilities. The path to a high-quality translation is longer than you might initially assume. One key element is the amount of communication required between client and translator in order to end up with a pleasing result. Put simply: Quality management is built on communication. Keep reading to … Read more